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Year. Month. Day
1871   December 23 Iwakura Mission to America and Europe to study social institutions (Iwakura Tomomi, Okubo Toshimichi and Yamaguchi Naoyoshi) a total of 5 girls were sent to study in the United states (Yamakawa Sutematsu, Nagai Shige, and Tsuda Ume). Yamakawa Sutematsu was later known as Oyama Sutematsu. Nagai Shige was later known as Uryu/Uriu Shige. Tsuda Ume later changed her name to Umeko.
1871   han are replaced by prefectural system (Hane 491)
1872   Ichimura Tatsunosuke dies of illness
1873   Gregorian calendar adopted (December 3, 1872 of the old lunar calendar is converted to January 1, 1873)
Saga Rebellion (samurai) Yamakawa Hiroshi of Aizu was severely injured
"In February, 1874, Eto Shipei (1843-1874) ...resigned over the so-called Korean Question [whether or not to invade Korea], led several thousand former samurai who opposed the government's modernizing programs in a short-lived rebellion. He and eleven of his followers were executed" (Teruko Craig's footnote in in Remembering Aizu by Shiba Goro page 132)
June 10 Saitou Hajime (Fujita Goro) moves to Tokyo and marries Takagi Tokio. Yamakawa Hiroshi, Sagawa Kanbei, Matsudaira Katamori were go-betweens
June 1 Saitou Hajime (Fujita Goro), Nagakura Shinpachi and Matsumoto Ryojin (Ryojun) build a memorial for Kondou Isami, Hijikata Toshizo and other fallen Shinsengumi.
The wearing of swords by former samurai is banned (Hane 491) [Learn more about the Sword Prohibition Act]
"At age 14" Kondou Tamoko (Kondou's daughter) marries
Miyagawa Yugoro. (Hillsborough Shinsengumi 183)

Many former Aizu samurai and Shinsengumi fight in the Seinan War. Fujita Goro (as a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department), the Shinsenryoden (comprising of former Shinsengumi), Sagawa Kanbei (Aizu) Yamakawa Hiroshi (Aizu), Takagi Morinusuke (Aizu, Tokio's younger brother), brother and friends of Shiba Goro (Aizu).
Actually -began- in 1876 Satsuma Rebellion (Seinan War) was connected to the Korean Question which sparked the Saga Rebellion of 1874

Saigo Takamori died
Sagawa Kanbei died

May 26 Kido Takayoshi died
Matsudaira Katamori becomes a priest at the Toshogu shrine in Nikko. The Toshogu shrine is a memorial to Tokugawa Ieyasu.


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