How to Get Him to See Me More Often! Here Are the Tricks to Make Him Spend More Time With You

Times have changed and you need to keep up. The roles between a woman and a man has become more clearly defined. You no longer are a woman stuck in a board room wondering how to satisfy some guy. You are a woman who wants to have a relationship with a man. To have this relationship you need to keep your man stimulated. Though being a woman in modern society means being independent and independent minded. You do want to have your man around you and about you. To do that you need to keep him stimulated. Here’s how to get him to see you more often.

Be yourselfMen don’t like women who pretend to be what they are not. If you are going to fake him out then someone else will. Don’t try to change who you are to impress your man. Accept the way you are and present yourself as you are. Your independence is going to grab his attention.

Agree to see him at a specific time and placeObviously he has something on his agenda that has, requires him to be out of your home. So alternate and see him at a specific time and place. Make sure he knows either in person or calls that you will not be standing up for an hour just to please him.

Make sure you call himWhen you do meet him arrange to make sure you show him that you have made arrangements for you to see him. Make arrangements for something to do, tell him you might like to go for a movie. And when you show up make sure you wear something pleasant and make eye contact at all times.

Give a little and take a lot backYour attitude has to be fine. So when he comes back, make sure you give him some of your back. That balance of taking back and giving in will keep him around. If you lay this attitude out equally then your man will see you as an independent and interesting woman and not as a desperate woman who is trying to cling.

Keep your conversations livelyKeep conversation with him lively and wholesome. He is here to have a good time, so make sure your conversations are upbeat, fun filled, and interesting. He is here to enjoy himself. Don’t start to get serious about everything.

Don’t be over eagerWhen you’re around your man keep an attitude of disinterest. At no point while you are with him should you be acting desperate and needy. He will sense it and that will put him off you. Act as though you have other things on your mind.

Being in the knowIt’s not necessary that you need to be a know-it all. You just need to be abreast with the latest happenings around in town, though. If sports events are taking place, talk of learnt knowledge. Avoid those old boring stereotypical topics as well.

Acknowledge himNow that you know what his agenda is and that too while in his company, acknowledge him with positive comments. But don’t go overboard. Let his ego get in the way of your self interest. Girls can handle a little praise. But only do so in moderation and only when he has deserved it.

Now enjoy your dateFinally, have fun with your date. No man will stick around for long if he has fun even when he is not around.