The Golden Rule of Female Orgasm

An orgasm is the height of sexual satisfaction for a woman. As well, it is the peak of sexual pleasure for a man. If you want to give a female a orgasm, you must learn these surefire tips because they will help her to achieve countless orgasms every time you have sex.

The first tip is to increase your knowledge of the female orgasm. You should try to understand the whole process of a female orgasm and how a woman achieves orgasm. Unlike with men, women need time to be fully aroused and ready for sex. If women are not fully aroused, they cannot reach orgasm.

There are four stages of a female orgasm:

1. The excitement stage.

For almost all women, they begin with having some sort of physical pleasure, like being touched on their genitals, an oral sex, or even having sex. Usually, the increase in excitement will be a gradual increase in pleasure and not a sudden, grabbing of the breast and squeezing of the clitoris.

However, if the circumstances are such that a woman cannot take sensual pleasure through the entire sexual experience, then the next step is to move into the second stage of female orgasm.

2. The body sexual response (first order).

Once a woman’s genitals are fully aroused, she will feel a increasing volume of lubrication, and it will become difficult for her to maintain her position of arousal without continuallyiggling her hips back and forth and ultimately falling asleep (or having an orgasm). That is when you should take note of the word ” “.

3. The mental sexual response (second order).

Just like men, women also experience sexual pleasure when their mind is sexually stimulated. For women, this is known as ” fantasizing”. You must learn to master the art of sexually arousing her without using your fingers, mouth, or even your organ(s). You can easily master this when you understand that women fantasize about many things, even about sex more than we men do.

The reason for this actually isn’t that difficult to understand, once you get a grasp on the concept. So once you know what sheusuallywants, you can then immediately turn her on by doing some of the things she fantasizes about. Some of these things include:

Bringing her pleasure.

Making her happy.

pleasuring her.

Surulating her.

Being strong.

Leap of compassion, kindness, and genuine interest.

Your willingness touggle her up (it’s even better if youcan’t stand her but you still kiss her and make her feel OK).

There’s an endless amount of ways you can kiss her and make her feel good, but you mustsinply talk to her first. If you don’t, it becomes harder to turn her on. After all, you’re not running a business or a religion, you’re just a guy that wants to make his girl happy.

4.Physical contact (what most women want).

While it’s important that you take the lead in the beginning, it’s also important that you make sure that you don’t totally completely lose control. spanking, dirty talk, caressing, and even “punishment” are all part of what she wants. Even if you’re not into roleplay or using toys, she still wants you to touch her intimately. Make sure you slowly build up to slap her, or make sure you slowly build up to spanking her. Once you’re there, though, do not give the impact unless she wants it. Spanking and taunting her should be a way to pleasure her, not a way to turn her on.

There you go, remember, the golden rule is the golden rule. Make her happy and she’ll gladly show you a new way to make her happy.

Oh, and as always there’s “The Real Deal” in terms of sex tips: know her wants and needs.