Why You Should Take a Half Hour

Why You Should Take a Half Hour

Why You Should Take a Half Hour : Inactive cautious about vitamin supplements? Only if you don’t take vitamin supplements!

” rash, dry and scaly skin, hair and nails, eating disorders, fatigue and depression, infertility, allergies, brittle hair and nails, sleep disorders, osteoporosis, increased mucus clotting, dry eyes, fried hair, and teeth, liver enlargement, thyroid disease, dental decay, worsted pores and bronchospores, cataracts, severe anemia, and low blood calcium levels.”

To our ferried friends across the world,

I am among those who have not been convinced by medical science that regular use of vitamin supplements prevents any disease.

I have been taking supplements for around 20 years and only in the last couple of months have I notice that my eyesight is a little better but I have not been able to rid myself completely of the cataracts.

I have been reading and listening to lectures from people who have been through cancer. I too have an awareness that along the way we kill many things by the way we eat. I have learned that it hurtful to the Cell is to eat the wrong things.

What do I mean?

Well, every day our cars, ovens, washing machine, and although I try not to let myself think about the chemicals we expose ourselves to, I have to admit that I am part of the problem. I mean many of the so called healthy foods that we buy are processed and today if not better than the day we started. Think back to the 70’s and you will probably not find many commercial foods with any real nutritional value. Today it is sad to say that if we want to be very true to our slogan “Live rightly, eat wisely” we have to change a lot more than just the foods we put in our mouths.

What would happen if everyone in America, instead of buying a ready made frozen or canned meal, changed over to making their own dinners? I am not saying that every single home in America should become a one quart or two quart slow cooker, but every home should have their own little pot on the stove. This is a good way to have homemade soup, homemade whole grain bread, and homemade chicken and rice. Not only will this save you money on take out, but this way you know your own foods. If America will make a conscious effort to switch over to more home grown products, it really just would jump start an economic system long before any crash. 일산유흥

As well as this American should devote part of their time to exercise. Taking a half hour walk in the countryside every day or walking around the block at lunch time, would really do a lot for productivity and your personal confidence. Today we are getting too lazy to go outside and take a half hour walk, or rather, part of our jobs (okay maybe not) are now done indoors at work.

Like most things, your effects seen the greatest gains the first few weeks, then plateau off, and finally you see results slowing down. Just remember that anything worthwhile takes some time. Once you get a few small changes in place, it will never be a problem. You will have more energy, you will sleep better, and life will seem a whole lot more fun!